Student Reflections: Pondicherry Trip

Student Reflections

For me, the Pondicherry trip had an equal balance between bonding and acquiring cultural knowledge. The activities were well distributed throughout the day with enough time for us to rest and recharge. It enhanced my cultural knowledge and made me feel more connected to Indian culture. I think that the visit to the French school was especially beneficial for me since it enabled me to revise my French by speaking and translating it for my peers. However, I wish that there were more interactive activities rather than viewing sites or landmarks of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry was arguably the most balanced trip in terms of learning and fun. We were allowed to explore independently the museums, the lifestyle, the art, the architecture, and many such aspects of the city. The freedom we were given made us feel like 11th graders and it gave us a sense of responsibility to represent our school as best as we could. Sufficient time was given for leisure activities like the beach, the Promenade and just resting in our rooms which allowed us to recharge for the action-filled days. We now know Pondicherry as a spiritual place and a fusion of numerous cultures. We returned to Mumbai grown into the roles of being seniors, closer as a cohort, and with a deeper perspective on the different outlooks on life.

A melting pot of different cultures, traditions, languages, art, architecture and beliefs.Pondicherry. Words cannot do justice to the quintessential experience that the ‘B.D Pondi’ trip confers upon you!

From traipsing under the harsh sun during the day to leisurely sauntering through the peaceful lanes and promenade of the quaint town in the evening; from the aches and groans of the climb of the massive Gingee Fort to the triumphant smiles and cheers at its conquest; from the deep dives into religions and beliefs by visiting St. Thomas' Church, Auro Ashram, Auroville to relishing pleasant evenings watching classical dance and play; from indulging into the luxurious stay and meal to working hard and offering warmth and services to the underprivileged- This trip had it all!

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