A flurry of activity on campus; happy days

Our Head Of School, Dr Geoffrey Fisher, in his newest vlog, shares his joy about the wonderful activities that have been taking place since school reopened. In particular, he underlines the importance of field trips and other modes of experiential learning, which contribute to the school’s focus on individualised learning for each student. 

He also shares his satisfaction with the recent Parent Teacher meeting, where parents had the chance to meet teachers and discuss their child’s needs, progress and achievements. 

Dr Fisher appreciates the hard work of the new faculty members, many of whom he met in person for the first time, and congratulates them for their integration into the school.

He applauds the work being done by the Primary teachers to promote B.D. Somani’s Progressive approach to education that uses differential and experiential learning to shape students into lifelong learners, both within and outside the classroom. The Block Building program, as well as regular trips to museums, streets and other places of interest, contribute to students’ development, guided by their teachers. 

Dr Fisher also talks about the school garden, which is flourishing in this monsoon season, and how it helps to introduce students to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

He shares a recent moment he witnessed as he walked into school – a group of kindergarteners “wriggling with joy” at the prospect of playing a game on the field. This scene delighted Dr Fisher,  and he hopes that this joy percolates the entire B.D. Somani community as they rededicate themselves to learning every single day. 

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