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Around the world, student councils are civic organisations that aim to encourage student leadership and school spirit.
Student council participation has many advantages for kids: it teaches them leadership skills, gives them the chance to practise public speaking, helps them develop organisational skills and deal with challenges outside of the classroom, and teaches them how to handle conflict diplomatically and amicably. Most importantly, young learners discover how to enhance the school and neighbourhood environments.
In contrast to most schools, B.D. Somani believes that primary school is an essential first step and should have student councils as well. By providing them a voice and the ability to influence how the school runs, it gives kids a real, first-hand understanding of how democracy works. Students can exercise leadership and decision-making abilities while also working hard for the good of their school community when they are members of a democratically chosen student council.
The attributes that make students the best prospects for the specific profession they are interested in must be considered, as well as communicated to the electorate. Students learn the actual meaning of democracy through the full process, which includes submitting their candidacy, preparing their speech, persuading the grade 4 and 5 students to vote for them, winning the election, and carrying out their obligations as accountable representatives of the student body.
A President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, four House Captains, four Sports Captains, and four Event Coordinators make up the B.D. Somani Primary School Student Council. Students run StuCo, which is run under the Head of Primary’s supervision.
Students from Grades 4 and 5 elect the majority of its members, who are mostly Grade 5 students; Grade 4 students may run for positions as Event Coordinators or Sports Captains.
They are accountable for representing the views and ideas of the entire student population and informing their peers about the Student Council’s ongoing projects. All members of the Council take on various responsibilities to assist, from arranging activities for school events like Children’s Day and Hindi Divas to assisting with maintaining order and team spirit at Sports Day. Every day around lunchtime, StuCo members patrol the school to ensure safety and inclusive, fair play.
Faculty are participating, but their primary responsibility is to assist StuCo members as needed.
The student council serves as the voice of the students and organises activities that boost school spirit. They assist in fostering communication among students about their concerns, interests, and ideas.
Every month, the Student Council convenes. Designated members of the teaching staff take part in these sessions to direct and oversee. They have in-depth conversations about what went well and what needs to be improved in the events and activities that took place in the previous month. They also provide suggestions for the upcoming version of these occasions and activities.
In order for the Student Council to address topics that concern them or that they feel strongly about, students can leave messages in the Make a Change box that has been in place for six years. Students voice a variety of worries, ranging from conflicts between friends to inappropriate behaviour on the bus to activities that have been outlawed but are still being performed covertly. Each note is read aloud, reviewed, and a choice is made regarding the best course of action. Members of StuCo also contribute to resolving issues before they worsen and lead to a note in the MAC box. They step in when a student needs aid or when they notice someone deliberately breaching the rules when they are on field or corridor duty.
The Secretaries are meticulous in their note-taking throughout the StuCo meeting. Each item on the agenda is discussed in detail until an agreement is gained on each one. A StuCo representative informs the complete student body during Assembly of the decision if it affects the entire school or if it results in a new Primary School regulation.
Each member of the Student Council ran for office because they wanted to give back to the school and help make it the best it could be. Some people desired to win more sporting victories for their Houses. Others wished to exercise their organisational, writing, or event planning skills.
Each of them feels that serving on the Student Council has greatly benefited them, teaching them patience, improving their organisational skills, and preparing them to handle conflicts between students diplomatically and tactfully.
In addition to preparing them for future student government posts in secondary school, student council is a great method for students to develop their leadership, organisation, and teamwork abilities.
During the pandemic when students were doing their schoolwork online, StuCo organised events such as Children’s Day to boost the morale of their school community. They also hosted a fundraiser for Ground staff, with plans to host a bake sale and similar activities. StuCo also encouraged students to do household chores like cleaning and cooking as part of the fundraiser to raise money.
As students grow up, StuCo plays a significant role in creating and sustaining a robust and healthy atmosphere that sets standards for behaviour and collaboration.
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