Dr Geoff’s October Vlog: Connecting India and the world with global education

Dr Geoff starts by expressing his amazement at how fast the year has flown by; it’s already October, and he’s sharing his third vlog of the year!

Celebrating Indian culture

One of the highlights he mentions is the recent Hindi Divas celebrations. It’s not just about honouring the Hindi language; it’s a tribute to the literature and the cultural richness that surrounds Hindi. What’s remarkable is that this year, the whole school came together to celebrate Indian culture as a whole. Dr. Geoff touches on something beautiful – the emphasis on family values in Indian culture. He believes that this is a lesson the Western world could benefit from.

Visits from international universities

He also discusses the numerous universities that have been visiting our school, most of them from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Canada. This is a testament to the global appeal of our institution and our commitment to give our students the best opportunities at the international level.

Field trips that make a difference

Dr. Geoff then turns to the topic of field trips, mentioning the upcoming trip to Kutch for the fifth graders. He highlights the community service aspect, referring to last year’s extraordinary experience in Kutch. The preparation for this year’s trip is already underway, and it’s clear that the focus goes beyond just the journey – it’s about giving back and learning. As service learning is another pillar of our school’s philosophy, Dr Geoff underlines the mutual benefits of helping others and how it contributes to one’s happiness and fulfilment.

How India meets the world

What’s fascinating is how our school strikes a balance between being globally aware and deeply rooted in Indian culture. This balance is crucial, especially when our students head overseas to universities worldwide. The goal is for them to represent their Indian heritage positively while engaging with global challenges.

Exciting new tech for learning

Technology plays a significant role in our school, with the introduction of smartboards and design courses. These initiatives foster research, interactive learning, and creative problem-solving, all essential components of a good education.

Looking forward to a vibrant November

He closes on an optimistic note, emphasizing the school’s good health and commitment to continuous improvement. As the head of school, he relishes the opportunity to guide both students and the institution towards a brighter future.

As we head into November, we’re encouraged to carry this enthusiasm forward and make each day count in our educational journey. So, let’s keep that spirit alive as we move forward!

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