Global Perspectives: A deeper look at society for our Grades 9 & 10 students

Global Perspectives is a unique subject, which has broadened my understanding of the world we are living in.

I have learned to respect other viewpoints and understand how to research. I have gained a lot of confidence in speaking in front of a group of people and learned how to work in a team. Both the teachers have been so positive and understanding - it has made me enjoy every class.

For me, Global Perspectives is not a subject, but a place where I can escape the classroom and learn more about the world that I live in. Through an incredible amount of detailed, well done research I now have a better understanding of various issues of the world, and can easily see a problem from different perspectives.

Global Perspectives is a skill-based subject that was introduced at B.D. Somani this year. The main objective of the two-year IGCSE course is empowering students to become independent learners and ensuring they develop the fundamental skills of research, essay writing, critical thinking and teamwork. It’s the first subject in our school that has two teachers, Ms. Roberta Santoro and Ms. Ashwathi Muraleedharan, co-teaching and lending their expertise in the variety of topics that are incorporated in the syllabus.

Throughout the course, we analyse several topics of global significance. Each topic must be seen from a local, national and global perspective. For example, students have examined the concept of secularism and the difference in its application in India and France. Some of the tasks involved in this process were developing and conducting a whole-school survey, and researching incidents related to secularism in the two countries, such as the moral policing against people who exercise their freedom of speech and expression. We ended the unit with the students scripting, filming and editing a special newscast on current issues related to secularism.
So far, the students have embraced the challenges of the course wholeheartedly and enthusiastically.
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