Hindi Divas 2018

Hindi Divas is celebrated across India every year on 14 September. At B.D. Somani, our Hindi program is vibrant, unique and meaningful, and has relevance to the students’ life and environment. Our young learners celebrate Hindi Divas every year with enthusiasm and gusto. The whole school is a riot of colour as all our students, teachers and staff come dressed in bright and colourful ethnic Indian clothes.
This year, celebrations for Hindi Divas began amidst much fanfare and overwhelming student participation, beginning with an assembly for Grades 1 to 5. After a brief inaugural note by Ms Zoë, encouraging pupils to embrace the language and incorporate it in their daily conversations, the itinerary included students stewarding the ship as Masters of Ceremony to performing in the self-devised mini plays celebrating the essence of the language. From quiz shows, music routine to creative and humorous skits, the program regaled and informed the audience in equal parts.
After Assembly, the infectious vibe of the morning trickled into the classrooms as the parents joined the ‘bhasha-bandwagon’ by reading stories to a bunch of eager students. It was indeed beautiful to hear the local sound and flavour oozing out of every classroom.
Our Reception and Junior Kindergarten students had a terrific time at their first Hindi Divas. They communicated as best they could in Hindi all day long. Parents and grandparents read stories and poems in Hindi to our students. Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo, Machli Jal Ki Rani Thi, Lakdi Ki Kathi were some of the popular songs of the day in our Kindergarten classrooms.
From grades 1 – 5 we celebrated Hindi in a myriad ways. From mindfulness exercises to storytelling, quizzes and games and even Math! Students enacted plays and played Antakshari, Dumb Charades with their parents and grandparents joining in enthusiastically.
The enthusiasm displayed by students for learning Hindi is not limited to Hindi Divas. Our young students are invested and engaged in learning Hindi throughout the year. Hindi Divas provides them a platform to showcase their genuine interest and love of the language.
It would also be apt to say that this Hindi Divas truly brought the joy of the language and enthusiasm for communication to the forefront. You can also take a look at why we celebrate Hindi Divas and our celebrations from last year.
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