The festival of Navratri is a time when the air is filled with excitement, elation, and energy! One way to celebrate this huge festival is by playing Garba, and the Junior Student Council seized this opportunity; to plan our first event, a Garba dance competition on 4th October 2022. The students of grades 6, 7, and 8 enthusiastically changed into their traditional attire, brought out their dandiyas, and came together to celebrate this wonderful event.

Taking place in our 5th-floor hall, a playlist of loud, energetic, Garba songs filled the air. To our pleasant surprise, most students knew these tunes, adding to the fun of the evening. Students started by forming large circles, and began to show off their moves! There were three circles of dancing pupils that all created their unique steps and added to the excitement in a different way. Clapping hands and snapping fingers, the students continued to dance, screaming at top of their voices and jumping with immeasurable joy. The teachers couldn’t resist, and soon dived right into it too, joining in with the lively groups of students and eagerly dancing too! Even our principal, Mr. Navroz joined in on the fun! Every person present in the room was expressing the meaning of Navratri in their own unique way: dancing freely, dressed in traditional costumes, and singing traditional songs. At the very end of the event, awards were given to the “Best Dressed” and “Best Dancer” of each participating grade. These were the students who took a little extra effort to do their best and stand out among the rest. A hearty congratulations to them!

Lastly, to all our middle school students, present teachers, judges, Mr. Navroz, and Ms. Prajakta, a special thank you for helping make our first JSC event a stupendous success!

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