What makes us Different: B.D. Somani is a happy place

In his newest vlog, our Head Of School, Dr Geoffrey Fisher reflects on a question a parent recently asked him – what makes B.D. Somani different from other schools?

Dr Fisher takes this opportunity to highlight the many ways in which we set ourselves apart: our culture and atmosphere, our emphasis on trusting relationships between administration and teachers, and teachers and their students, our focus on student-led learning and student agency in decision-making processes, as well as the centre stage that experiential learning takes in the curriculum.

Our students are encouraged to chart their own courses through activities like block building, gardening, capoeira, and research trips. Through peer-to-peer collaboration and the guidance of trained faculty, they determine how the learning journey takes place within the classroom itself.

All of this, says Dr Fisher, makes B.D. Somani a happy and trusting school where students flourish, blossom, and grow into capable and caring individuals.

He ends with a heartfelt wish for a Happy Diwali and looks forward to returning to school after the break.

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