We embarked on our journey to Harvard Model United Nations 2023. 8 students and 2 teachers made their way to Bangalore, to debate with the best delegates from all over Asia. While gruelling and hectic, the 4 days of debate were also filled with new learnings and helped delegates unlock their full potential. In the day, we argued our countries’ positions, wrote papers and questioned speeches- but by night, we enjoyed getting to know those from other countries and bonding at socials. The theme for this year’s MUN was ‘Exploring New Horizons’ and our revered chairs and guest speakers did just this. Aside from debate, riveting talks were held by actors, scholars, businessmen and young environmental activists.

Srinjoy Goswami, a Grade 10 student won “OUTSTANDING DELEGATE”. As B.D. Somani’s first time as an HMUN delegate, there were a few learning curves as we were exposed to a whole new style of debate- but we are ready to go and crush it next year!

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