Dr Geoff’s September Vlog: Embracing Change and Celebrating Success

It’s September already! Time does fly. Our Head of School, Dr Geoff, had some exciting updates and insights to share in this month’s vlog. Let’s dive right in and explore what he had to say.

Future-Ready Education

In his previous vlog, Dr Geoff touched upon the importance of preparing for the future through technology and innovation. He emphasised the need to engage students effectively while catering to their learning needs. Dr Geoff believes technology is pivotal in achieving this goal and is committed to working with IT to find new methods and solutions.

Welcoming Ms. Komal Thacker

A significant announcement in this vlog is the introduction of Ms Komal Thacker as the new Curriculum Coordinator. She oversees the school’s curriculum, ensuring a smooth transition from reception to grade 8 and beyond. Her responsibilities include optimising the curriculum for maximum effectiveness, focusing on traditional subjects and critical skills like communication, creativity, and problem-solving.

Dr Geoff invites the B.D. comunity to welcome Ms Thacker warmly and engage with her during various school events.

Embracing Experiential Learning

One of the things Dr. Geoff is genuinely passionate about is experiential learning. He highlights the recent Literacy Week in the primary school, where students celebrated the written word in all its forms. The event aimed to enhance students’ reading and writing skills while nurturing their love for literature.

Dr Geoff also mentions the successful conclusion of the monsoon field trips for middle and secondary school students. These trips provide unique learning opportunities, foster friendships, and offer fresh perspectives on various subjects.

Celebrating Teachers

Dr Geoff also speaks about Teacher’s Day, a special occasion to celebrate the profound impact teachers have on our lives. He urges us all to reflect on the teachers who’ve made a difference and to express gratitude to them. He also invites the B.D. Somani community to celebrate the dedication and hard work of our teaching staff.

Exceptional IGCSE Results

Dr Geoff wraps up his vlog by announcing the exceptional results the current year 11 students achieved in their IGCSE exams. The students received numerous A*s, As, distinctions, and merits, reflecting their hard work and dedication. These outstanding results bode well for their future academic endeavours, including the IB diploma program.

Dr Geoff’s September vlog is full of optimism, emphasising the importance of staying future-ready through technology and effective curriculum management. It celebrates the success of students and teachers alike, reminding us of the invaluable role education plays in shaping our lives.

Let’s hope September is a fantastic month filled with learning, growth, and gratitude. Stay tuned for more exciting news from our school community!

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