House Socials: A creative way to bond ‘online’

The 25th of August marked the beginning of the House festivities for the academic year 2021-22. The House Council, in two separate sessions (Middle School and High School) organised a fun and interactive morning and afternoon to welcome their Housemates.
The vision of the Council was to create a safe and happy place where House members could interact with one another, familiarise themselves with peers from other grades, and feel as though they belong to a warm and welcoming community. Accordingly, to foster this spirit of collaboration, games such as Jeopardy and Gartic Phone were hosted by the House Captains, Vice Captains and Junior Captains in the respective House Google Meets.
For Jeopardy, groups were made in a way in which members across different grades could work together to answer questions ranging from general knowledge to Disney movies.
We are confident that this event set the stage for our fun inter-House competitions and a lot more participation from each and every student. Stay tuned for more from the desk of the House Council!
Our amazing and sporting teachers also participated in the activity and took some students out of tough spots, several times. Gartic Phone, the virtual version of “Chinese Whispers” showcased the creativity of our wonderful community and also led to giggles and belly-laughs. The event ensured that everyone ended their school day with a big grin on their faces and happiness in their hearts.
This post has been co-authored by our House Coordinators, Ms. Fatema E. and Ms. Kaizeen.
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