B.D. Somani International School: House Elections 2021 (Part 2)

In the first part of our post covering our House Elections 2021, we spoke about how House Leadership positions were opened – for the first time ever – to our Middle School students. As always though, the elections were a keenly contested affair at High School too, with positions for Vice Captain up for grabs for students of Grade 9 and House Captain for students of Grade 11.
The campaigning from the candidates and the response from the entire High School student body, especially in these pandemic-enforced times of virtual learning, was phenomenal to watch.
Here are some excerpts from our Grade 9 and Grade 11 candidate speeches and campaigns:

It's Jiya here and this year, I am running for the position of Vice House Captain for our House, Hawk! If I were elected, I promise to put in my best efforts to lead our house to victory. I will strive to ensure growth of different individuals, of our House and of our school community. If you believe in me, that I have the potential to help expand our horizons, please do vote for me 🙂

“Hey! This is Jhanvi Sheth from Grade 9. If you’re not from Kite, you can keep scrolling. But those of you who are, I just wanted you all to know that you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to vote for me as your Vice House Captain for Kite so please do so! Thank you for your time and have a good day.”

After intense few days of nervousness, anxiety, excitement, 5th of February – the day of the election – arrived and our students could barely contain their emotions. As you must have read in our previous post, our Secondary School Principal, Dr. Colleen Boyett, announced the election results on the 12th of February, 2021 in her Friday email to parents.
We are thrilled to present to you (once again) our House Leadership Team for the academic year 2021-2022.
We are thrilled to present to you (once again) our House Leadership Team for the academic year 2021-2022.

Jhanvi Seth Hi, I am Jhanvi Sheth from Grade 9 and I am honored to be the Vice House Captain for Kite this year! I will be the students’ voice and ensure each individual’s opinion is heard and considered. School should be a safe place for everyone to showcase their talents and potential- not only academically, but in other fields of interests too. At the same time, we also need to learn, appreciate and encourage our peers with varying passions, and that is exactly what I would like to work towards.

Being a drummer myself, I was too frightened to take part in any events or activities until I received support from my classmates and realized that this is something I should embrace because everyone here will only help me grow into a better version of what I am today. This is what inspired me to stand up for this position, so I can help motivate others and push them out of their comfort zone.

It has been almost a year since we were last around one another in school. But this does not mean that our spirit should decrease. In fact, this gives us the opportunity to display and discover hidden talents that we might not have been able to demonstrate in school. Let’s all hope to see familiar faces once again in the place I would like to call my second home. Thank you!

Jiya Ahuja Hi! I am Jiya Ahuja from Grade 9, Vice Captain for Hawk this year 🙂

I stood for this position because I saw an opportunity for growth; for myself, for my House and for my school community. I have always aimed to be part of a collaborative, hard-working team that spreads sheer happiness and hope, especially in times of uncertainty and a global pandemic. I promised to represent unheard student voices and strive to plan events and activities for students with diverse interests. I stand before you today, ready, truly exhilarated and honored to do just that as the year progresses.

One challenge I foresee is incomplete participation which can be tackled by working towards a goal. When there is a goal, such as helping organizations or simply house points, people are motivated and a powerful impact is created. At the same time, I believe that communication is key and a special opportunity I look forward to is cross-grade interactions for students. Here, we would get to learn from each other's experiences, strengths and weaknesses.

In conclusion, I am thrilled to be your vice captain and I assure you that I will always maintain an open-minded, friendly and creative approach. Let’s bring back that energetic House spirit, unity and expand our horizons together! Go Hawk!

Aarya Shah Hi! I am Aarya Shah, and I am going to be the Eagle House vice captain for the year 2021. I am super excited to fulfil this role with my utmost commitment and am looking forward to connecting with my enthusiastic House and the rest of the school. Eagle House has always been a very connected group of students, and I personally, have truly brought into that culture!

Let me tell you a little about me! I am cricket obsessed and live, play, watch and breathe cricket. I have played for our school and continue to play the sport I so thoroughly love! I have been in this school for almost eleven years now, and have attained leadership roles before, but this is a whole new honour! I am delighted to be representing my house, that has given me the opportunity to express myself on a number of occasions before, and my aim would be to give back to Eagle and make the platform for other students to experience feelings the same as mine!

I think one challenge that may arise in the near future of this COVID world is to garner interest for House activities. Yes, I too agree that it was much better physically, but I will try to be as creative as possible with the House activities so everyone in this school of ours can enjoy as well as learn! One thing that I am very excited and honoured about is to lead a House that has created a very positive environment already, and I am kicked to take this vision forward with every opportunity I have!

Thank you for your support and I look forward to working with every one of you to make B.D Somani and the Eagle House better every day! Go Eagle!

Mohneesh Jeswani Hi my name is Mohneesh Jeswani and I am the Falcon House vice captain. My vision is to see Falcon and our school in general flourish. While contesting the post a lot of thoughts went through my mind, Am I good enough? Will I be able to succeed? And, What can I do to help, but my friends backed me up and told me I can stand up to the opportunity, and that's when I realised that it's all about teamwork and support. I saw it as an opportunity to put my leadership skills to good use and create a platform to help portray the talents of my House members and school students in general. Something I found challenging was to convey my thoughts and ideas onto one speech. I had amazing plans and I just wasn't sure one speech could convey it all. In the end I was voted the vice captain and I will do my House justice.

This post has been authored by Teachers-in-charge of Houses: Ms. Kaizeen Jehangir and Ms. Fatema S. Electricwala
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