Reflections: Group 4 Project (IBDP Class of 2021)

As part of their science curriculum, our IB Grade 12 students conducted their Group 4 science project on the environment and waste management. Over two months – July and August 2020 – our students virtually collaborated with students from The Doon School, covering the entire spectrum of waste management.

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Learning in the time of Covid-19

With a new academic year just begun while the world is still learning to cope with the impact of Covid-19, parents and students alike must have questions about the immediate challenges and how we are resolving them at school.  We sat down with Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, our Head of School, to help answer these questions.

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Just Dance 2020!

Our Junior Student Council (2019-20) had organized a dance competition in the school for grades 6-9 in February 2020. Here are some memories from that amazing day.

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