Looking ahead to the new academic year

In his first vlog for the new academic year, our Head of School, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, talks about our excellent IB results while welcoming our new Primary School Principal and Deputy Principal and what the immediate future holds for this school year.

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Grade 12 World Languages Group 2/Group 4 collaboration

In an attempt to relive the experience of the mangrove clean up in Colaba organised by the World Languages department and Acropolis and also to continue to learn from it, our grade 12 French B class invited Dr. Anjana to discuss the importance of preserving these mangroves.

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Summing up the year gone by

In his last post for this (very eventful) academic year, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher talks about the year gone by, the incredible accomplishments of our graduating Class of 2021 and heart-warming highlights from our CAS program. He also bids adieu to two veterans of the school and talks about our hopes and plans for the next academic year.

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